About Us

Beginning in 1997, the Mother Lode knew us as “Oak Liquidators.” The place to buy anything and everything made of oak.  If you know someone who bought an oak bookcase, file cabinet, dining set, or especially an oak ice box, odds are they found it at our store.

Well guess what. After buying oak furniture all these years, our customers have been asking us to expand our selection and we’ve been listening.

We’ve added mattresses, sofas, recliners, futons, loveseats, and all sorts of other stuff that is NOT made of oak.

Sure, we still sell a whole bunch of America’s favorite hardwood, but when you look at our showroom today . . . we’ve got so much more. And rather than change our name to “Oak-Pine-Ash-Birch-Cherry-Walnut-Sofa-and-Mattress Liquidators,” we settled on something a bit easier to remember (not to mention fit on the business cards):

Dunlop Family Furniture & Mattress

O.K. So it’s not the catchiest name in the world. But quite simply, it’s who we are and what we sell.

Rowboat Delivery!

“A rowboat? Seriously? You’ve GOT to be kidding!”
-- Ramon Gabriel, Delivery Lead

Situated in the heart of the Motherlode, we've been to an impressive variety of locations, each seemingly more remote than the last. Given our commitment to bringing smiles to our customers, though, we will go wherever necessary to deliver furniture or mattresses... because, sadly, too many of our competitors will say, "Nope! Won’t do it!" (Although I suspect it’s “Can’t!”)

Late in July 2010, our delivery team embarked on a delivery that topped all others.  They drove nearly two hours to Lake Kirkwood, and after meeting the customer at the parking lot, they carried the mattress set and frame nearly a quarter-mile to the dock, where the customer's rowboat waited.

That’s right... ROWBOAT!

After loading the set onto the makeshift barge -- two rowboats lashed together -- our lead driver, Ramon Gabriel, took command of the vessel and rowed for nearly 20 minutes across the lake, towing the mattress set on the “barge” behind him. His partner, Clayton Durflinger, hiked around the lake with the customer and met Ramon at the cabin on the far side.

The hilarity of ripping out a staircase to get the set into a loft (and subsequent replacement of said staircase) only added to the excitement of the day.

Preferring to walk back around the lake, the team made their way to the dock, where they carried the customer's 40+ year-old set along the same quarter-mile path to the truck. (Just for your information... mattresses sets were whole lot heavier back in the day!)

Hopefully, these customers will not take advantage of our 30-Day Comfort Guarantee, as I don't think Ramon & Clayton will be game for another rowboat adventure any time soon.

The guys went all out for this customer as they do for everyone... but this one was particularly memorable.

Ramon & Clayton... YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!

Michael & Michele